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Course Summary

August 9, 2019

Course Summary

Report Type: Course Summary

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Course report helps the user to understand the status and progress of operations which are carried within a course. (like users, completions, grading in a course and summary of activities).

Columns Description
Course field List of course fields like full name, short name, category etc…
Enrolled Learners Enrolled students for each course
Completed Learners Completed students for each course
Total Activities Count of activities for each course
Lowest Grade Lowest grade achieved by learner in a course
Highest Grade Highest grade achieved by learner in a course
Number of views Number of hits by all learners for each course
Overall Average Grade Average grade of learners for each course
Progress (Total number of learners – Completed learners) /100
Enrolment methods Number of methods to enrol each course
Badges Number of badges enabled for each course
Total Timespent Total Timespent by learners for each course

Course Summary