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Widgets/Tiles Actions

April 30, 2018

Widgets/Tiles Actions


Edit provides a user to perform the following actions:

  • Edit
  • Design
  • Delete
  • Hide


Schedule Report

  • Click on the Menu and select Schedule from the list.


  • Role (Mandatory) – Select the role to which you want to schedule
  • User – Select the user to whom a role is assigned

  • Export format – Select the export format, which you want to schedule to the user
  • Export Process – Select the export process – whether it has to be saved or mailed

  • Schedule time period (Mandatory) – Select the month, date and time to schedule the report




This enables the user to send a mail of the report in the selected format.

  • Click on the Menu and select Send Emails from the list
  • Enter Name of the user(Mandatory)
  • Select Format (Mandatory)

  • Click on Send to send the emails to the selected users.

Add Filters

  • Select the Categories (List of Categories)
  • Select the Course (Course in report)
  • Select the Module (Module in Report)

Click on Apply to add the selected filter to the widget.