LearnerScript is a learning analytics plugin for Moodle LMS. This install-on-premises plugin is developed by eAbyas Info Solutions, a Moodle Certified Partner.

First, LearnerScript is specific to Moodle. That is no data-sharing required with a third-party for Moodle analytics. Second, you’ll get multiple dashboards for multiple roles. Third, it’s completely customizable as per your needs. Fourth, you can set up User Profiles and Course Profiles. Fifth, it is a cost-effective tool – One Time Purchase and no hidden costs and subscriptions. And you will get one-year premium support for free.

US $2450 only. The price tag includes one-year Premium Support and also free plugin upgrade within that year.

Yes, it is. LearnerScript’s responsive design allows you to access Moodle analytics on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile.

It supports all Moodle versions starting from 3.0.

Yes, LearnerScript is. It is successfully cross-compatible with databases such as MySQL, MSSQL, pgSQL, and Maria DB.

LearnerScript is compatible with all major versions of browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Unlimited. In fact, there is no bar on the number of reports to be made as the plugin is installable on-premises.

Yes, they are, as per your requirements. Also, you can create your own dashboard.

Please contact us here and schedule a demo.

Of course, you can. LearnerScript has role-wise multiple dashboards for multiple roles of which HR role can be such.

Click on View Demo tab on the Homepage, which will take you to the demo site. Then click on a role for which you want to have a demo.

Yes, it does. You can get such reports

Yes, you can. With instant messaging, you can communicate with your learners/peers.

Yes, it does.

There are altogether 4 formats available – PDF, CSV, XLS and ODS

Yes, it does. There are 80 plus canned reports available at your disposal.

Of course, you can, by using existing datasets of LearnerScript which covers all major modules of Moodle.

LearnerScript’s Premium Support covers Support Portal access through which you can raise a ticket for getting support help.

Yes, you do. Once you log in to your account, you can access it.

Yes, it does.

Yes, it does. LearnerScript uses various graphs, charts and tables to showcase your learning analytics.