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E-learning Touch’ is one of the Moodle partners from France. Established in 2011, the company has made its niche in implementing digital strategies for “training with companies and organizations”.

To be specific, they provide a host of eLearning services such as Analytics, Training, LMS and Plugin Development, Hosting, Courseware, and so on.

In November 2022, they made an exclusive partnership with LearnerScript. That is they are the exclusive partners from France. It helps the users of E-Learning Touch’ to have a better learning experience on Moodle through this Moodle analytics tool.

Know more about E-Learning Touch by visiting their website.

SmartWay is the Moodle Partner from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in 2001, the company aims to provide eLearning tools and technologies to schools, universities, govt. agencies and military organizations. Over years, SmartWay has been asserting its expertise in eLearning solutions and ECM.

With the accreditation ISO 9001, SmartWay has come with excellent products such as Najeh, Maharat, SIS, and SmartMeeting. Being partners with well-known eLearning technology providers, the Kingdom-based organization offers tailor-made services in Moodle, BigBlueButton, Mahara, and sundry.

Know more about SmartWay by visiting their website.

CE-Logic, Inc. is one of the top re-printers and distributors of widely accepted foreign titles in Medicine, Science, and the allied fields in the Philippines. Established in 1993 and now having the brick and mortar stores in Manila and Quezon, this publishing company evolved from its humble beginnings to be the ‘forefront’ of the Philippines books industry.

Today, CE-Logic, Inc. has a large collection of book titles, virtual resources, references, trade books, instructional manuals, etc. Their strong presence in the publishing sector and the corporate values they incorporate in the processes have made the U.S. Library of Congress and the National Bookstore Inc. to be some of their reputed clients.

To learn more about CE-Logic, Inc. pay a visit to their website.

Elearning Experts! The name suggests the expertise of folks here in the popular open-source technology, Moodle. And guess what? The team here has ‘over 50 years of combined experience’ on anything Moodle. Also known as EE, the company was founded in 2012 in nostalgic Virginia.

Just like its name, as the proof is in the pudding, Elearning Experts provides the Moodle LMS and its allied learning solutions to organizations and agencies across the spectrum.

Meet our Elearning Experts and know more about them first-hand:

AdaptiVLE is a team of passionate eLearning providers from the United Kingdom. They bring to the table the eLearning tools that ‘can do everything you need’ and ‘nothing you don’t.’ They’re that passionate to make your eLearning awesome!

Based out of Skipton, North Yorkshire County, they offer excellent services in Training Development, Design & Creative, Platform Development, Virtual Experience Platform, Content Development, Quick Course, Manage Service, and LearnerScript Analytics.

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Sofia is a company specialized in distance learning, corporate education and educational technologies. A company made up of people who think, dream and breathe education, knowledge management and technologies and who built life and career on these basis.

A team formed by web, learning, communication and tech designers all with more than 10 years experience in education services, especially large-scale technology-mediated education.