Version 2.0 Fixes and Improvements:

  • Made to calculating SCORM time spent from SCORM track. Previously, we were not tracking time spent for SCORM as it is displayed on iframe.
  • Improved performance on dashboards and reports.
  • Updated Dashboard with new look and new widgets.
  • Incorporated Course Mandatory Filter for Course dashboard to check course wise dashboard for specific course.
  • Included Forum reports (Forum participation of learners).
  • Added Average Time Spent report for learners and instructors for each course.
  • Provided grading report for instructor to get list of assignments pending for grading with due days.
  • Updated all charts for each report with better data points for meaningful insights.
  • Permissions for reports can be assigned in multiple context level roles.
  • Changed single report view, by default chart will not show up.
  • Configured condition-based charts with multiple conditions on data selected.
  • Simplified the report creation class to build new reports.
  • Included a report for number of no login courses by learners and teachers.
  • Given a new report based on the Average Time Spent and total time spent of learners and teachers.