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[Part-2] When to Consider Going for LearnerScript the Moodle Reporting?

[Part-2] When to Consider Going for LearnerScript the Moodle Reporting?

To be continued from Part I…

In the previous blog post, we’ve looked at some of the points for when to consider going for LearnerScript. In this blog, we’ll look at some more points to thoughtfully consider this Moodle reporting tool.

Let’s move forward from where we’ve left in the Part I blog. Meanwhile, visit the website and social links of LearnerScript to have a comprehensive approach to Moodle analytics.


#6. When you want to get started right away

It makes an important thing when you want to get started with a Moodle reporting tool immediately. Like a typical Moodle plugin, install LearnerScript, configure it, and get going with the default reports available on it.

The default Moodle reports on LearnerScript are meant for this purpose. Make use of them with or without customizations.

Check out the list of default reports available at LearnerScript, at its demo site.


#7.  When you want to cut the costs on eLearning tools

LearnerScript is not based on a subscription model.

Most of the e-learning tools are subscription-based. The subscription value changes depending on various factors like the number of learners, devices, reports, data storage, and so on. As the more interesting features add in, the value of its tool goes up!

For example, if you buy an e-learning tool for $ 500 for a count of learners per year, then for ten years, it amounts to $ 5000. Here, LearnerScript makes a world of difference, even cost-wise.

You get it on the One Time Purchase (OTP) model. That is, once you get LearnerScript, you get it for good. Check out LearnerScript’s ‘Buy now’ page for more information about the pricing.

Thus you’ll save some extra bucks by buying through the OTP model.


#8. When you’ve millions of Log Records

LearnerScript works super fine with Moodle LMS. And it scales up proportionally as your Moodle log records increase in millions.

If you have millions of log records, will your Moodle analytics tool perform well enough to meet your reporting needs? That’s the million-dollar question you need to ask yourself or your technical team. Otherwise, the money you put in on the tool will go down the drain.

So consider carefully before you make a choice of a Moodle reporting tool for your organization.

Get more clarity on the Moodle log records and LearnerScript’s performance. Scheduled a personal demo from us.


#9. When you need many report download options

There are four types of download formats available to choose from on LearnerScript.

So depending on the circumstances, you will use a different download format. Be it PDF, XLS, ODS, or CSV.

While creating a custom Moodle report, you can choose a download format. Or change it later by editing that Moodle report. That way LearnerScript is helpful for multiple Moodle report formats.

Check out LearnerScript’s demo site and see for yourself.


#10. When you have multitenant Moodle or IOMAD

LearnerScript works perfectly with a multitenant Moodle LMS or with the IOMAD solution. It provides company-wise Moodle reporting.

Finding a learning analytics solution for a multitenancy Moodle is a task indeed. A whole lot of things go into consideration before zeroing in on a Moodle reporting tool.

Here we lay before you the things to consider and to go for LearnerScript.

Check out the demo site of IOMAD on LearnerScript. Or reach out for a personal demo of this Moodle plugin.


#11. When you need Moodle SQL reports 

What if you need Moodle SQL reports? How then? Using LearnerScript, write an SQL query and get a report. This reporting tool has that option for Moodle LMS.

The Canned Moodle reports and Custom Moodle reports are well and go with the tool. But what if you need a specific report table, by using an SQL query? Then a Moodle reporting tool has to meet this kind of need.

Try writing an SQL query and create a report table using LearnerScript on its demo site.

That’s how you can use LearnerScript with the Canned Moodle reports. Or create custom Moodle reports with or without writing an SQL query.

Consider those previous headings while choosing a Moodle reporting tool. Then we are sure, LearnerScript will set the (Moodle reporting) table ready for you if you do!!

Visit the demo website of LearnerScript and check it out for yourself. Take a look at our webinars on-demand on our YouTube channel. To get more information, ask us for a personal demo of LearnerScript.

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