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LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 4.1

LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 4.1

LearnerScript is now compatible with Moodle 4.1 version which was released last November 2022.  We keep updating our enhanced reporting tool for Moodle platforms as we have done earlier for every latest Moodle version.

And currently, we have LearnerScript 3.0 version as you know if you were a regular visitor to our website, especially the blog page. If you are new to learning about our reporting tool with Moodle, visit our website or contact us for more information about LearnerScript.

Feel free to ask us for a LearnerScript demo. Or check out our YouTube channel for on-demand demos about our enhanced reporting. 

The highlight of Moodle 4.1

The latest version of Moodle brings the following updates to the table as they are listed below. 

  • A smoother experience with UX enhancements. That is we get a useful start page, and an improved image gallery, including three new presets.
  • Maximizing the use of BigBlueButton. Moodle 4.1 adds a feature to allow external users to video conference. 
  • Tiny MCE 6 editor is included along with the standard Atto Editor for improved user experience
  • Manage Moodle Question Bank with ease
  • Custom report settings
  • The timezone in the user profiles

For more information about the Moodle 4.1 version, visit Moodle News page or Moodle 4.1 release notes blog

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