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LearnerScript Lite: A Handy Moodle Reporting Solution


LearnerScript Lite: A Handy Moodle Reporting Solution

LearnerScript 3.0 version has one important update for you—LearnerScript Lite (or, simply, Lite). The Lite version release forms a key step in taking the Moodle reporting to every organization, that uses Moodle LMS and needs Moodle analytics.

The Lite version is available now besides the regular one.

We will discuss some of the highlights from the Lite version, including what you can do with it and what you can’t.

#Default Moodle roles

The Lite version includes the default roles of your Moodle LMS. Be it your Moodle admin, manager, teacher, or student. All these roles have its dashboard respectively.

Your Moodle admin sees the Moodle analytics at the site or at your organization level. Whereas the teachers access their course-related reporting. And likewise, your learners know their courses, assignments, quizzes, and so on!

But, the Lite version doesn’t include the ‘Switch Role’ option.

#All Moodle reports available

There are a good number of default Moodle reports. There are around 95 plus reports available on LearnerScript. All these Moodle reports are available in the Lite version. Draw insights from these reports by making the most out of them.

A note here. All these reports are available at the admin/manager level. For teachers and students, they will have their respective reports.

Whenever we add new Moodle reports, they add up to the existing list of Moodle reports.

Check out the demo site of the Lite version on the website of LearnerScript.

#Tool affordability!

When it comes to affordability, it’s a win-win. The price of this Moodle plugin has been sliced to half that of the regular version. If requires, make a comparison between the Lite version and the regular one. (Or check the comparison list available on the checkout page of the website).

Moreover, there are no monthly/annual subscription plans. But you get LearnerScript on One Time Purchase (OTP). So the tool will be with you along with the source code.

#The latest Moodle versions

LearnerScript Lite is compatible with all the latest Moodle versions. And it works smoothly and super fine. Whenever there’s a new version update, we’ll update the tool according to that latest version of Moodle LMS.

But it depends on the support access you have.

#Premium support

For the Lite version, there is only the ‘premium support’ available. This support includes configuration, updates, upgrades, bug fixing, Moodle custom reporting, and so on.

Once you get the Lite version of LearnerScript along with premium support, you will get support portal access to raise your tickets.

Depending on the urgency of the ticket, our support team will address your issues as early as possible.

That’s about the Lite version in brief. Check out the demo page to understand how best it works for your organization. And also go to the checkout page to best understand what this Moodle analytics tool is capable of.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this Moodle plugin aims to make advanced Moodle reporting affordable. Plus, it’s available even to the small-scale organizations that use Moodle LMS for their L&D.

For more information, go to the website. Or schedule a demo with us.

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