How to schedule Moodle Reports [Infographic]

How to schedule Moodle reports using LearnerScript

If you want to view your Moodle analytics reports, what will you do usually? Simply you login into the system each time you want to see your LMS reports. Doing the task for one or two times is fine. If the number of times is exceedingly large, then viewing even for that one or two times will be exhausting. What will you do then? Well, we have a solution for…

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Design Moodle reports like a Jony Ive!

Think of Michelangelo paintings. Think of Steve Jobs’ iPhone. What did you see from the designs? History tells us that a good design not only creates exceptional business but also causes a paradigm shift in benchmarks in all aspects. Thomas Watson Sr, former IBM CEO in the first half of twentieth century, echoed the same thing, saying – good design is good business. Design matters ultimately! That’s what you’re going…

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Why multiple dashboard reports for multiple roles in Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) significant

By and large, the learner in us wants to see their learning progress in various visual forms such as – graphs, charts and so on, for further course of action in the learning process. So, where do you accommodate all necessary Moodle LMS reports, if at all you wanna have a look at them at one place? Dashboard. Yes, it’s dashboard – the word borrowed into Web technologies from its…

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