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LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 4.0 Now!

LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 4.0 Now!

LearnerScript is now compatible with Moodle 4.0. Compatibility comes in hand for seamless, advanced, and powerful Moodle analytics.

Besides, this Moodle reporting solution has got its latest version–LearnerScript 3.0. The updated LearnerScript 3.0 sports some UI changes. Plus, we have added some new, useful Moodle reports to our existing list of canned reports.

Go to the demo site of LearnerScript and release notes to find out more for yourself.

A couple of months ago, Moodle HQ released its latest Moodle version 4.0. Moodle platform has addressed its long-pending user experience (UX) changes through this version.

Some of the updates from the ‘Moodle 4.0 version’ include:

  • Moodle 4.0 brings in the contemporary look and feel with simplified navigation. It helps to move around the site quickly.
  • Course Index to move at once to the desired page or activity in the course
  • A new dashboard to welcome learners to their courses. along with their course deadlines
  • New activity Icons in Moodle 4.0 onwards

And many more!

Talk to us for more information about Moodle reporting tool, LearnerScript. And to schedule a demo.

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