New Update: RTL Support in LearnerScript

LearnerScript RTL language support

LearnerScript, the Moodle learning analytics and reporting tool, now supports RTL. The acronym stands for Right to Left. This new update on our plugin enables the same to be in certain RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. And this step helps us cater to the Moodle analytics needs of Moodle educators in those geographies. Generally, the web applications support LTR (Left to Right) for the English and other such…

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6 Brilliant Ways To Track Learning Data Out of Moodle LMS

Track Learning data out of Moodle LMS

So you’ve got a Learning Management System (LMS) for training your folks at the organization to meet the economic (otherwise non-economic) objectives of your workspace, higher education institution, government agency, or nonprofit? You might ask a Moodle LMS (or simply LMS) expert, “How do I know that my learning strategies are brilliantly translating towards my learning goals?” “You have to track data in your LMS – be it Moodle, BizLMS,…

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5 Predominant Report Ideas for Insightful Moodle Analytics

Report Ideas for Insightful Moodle Analytics

What insights do you want to see when you pull the data from your Moodle system? What learning analytics do you want to draw by visualizing them to make informed decisions about your learners and Learning and Development (L&D) strategies? Consider these five predominant report ideas to figure out what’s going on with learning plans by letting yourself know the insights from the data. #1 Enrollment & Completion Course Rates…

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The Advantage of Automatic Configuration on LearnerScript

Configurable Moodle Reports

Typically, when you get a learning analytics tool, this is what you do: You install it and start off configuring the tool to suit your requirements. That’s the case with almost every tool. Because of the plugin’s configuration time, you cannot use the tool right away. It takes some time, for the admins and other users, to put the analytics tool into use due to the front-end work and then…

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Why you need scheduling Moodle report to improve accessibility

Moodle Report Scheduling

At the outset, that’s the question we would like to answer on your behalf. And that’s what you want anyone to let you know, right? Consider this illustration to understand the concept just the way we want you to. Suppose you are a Moodle admin. Let’s assume that you have to send a bunch of reports of students to your principal or manager. What do you do then? You log…

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This is the reason why you need LMS report as widget

report as widget

One of the futuristic features of LearnerScript, the advanced analytics and reporting plugin for Moodle, is its Report-as-a-widget. When you use LearnerScript to fetch analytics for Moodle, every report on your LMS is designed to behave as a widget. Besides, even when you want to design a report using the tool it will by default be a widget. And all the canned reports ( 80 plus in number) available from…

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How To Get Best Out of These Moodle Modules (From LearnerScript)

Moodle Modules-LearnerScript

Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) comprises several modules. As you already know this fact that the LMS is an Open Source platform. In some areas, the LMS is exceptionally good. Whereas, in some other, it’s not. Since its plug-in and plugin-out nature, Moodle allows you to improve its capability features through the add-ons to bring off the best out of the Moodle. (These improvements are other than what Moodle…

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How to Permit Your Stakeholders to Access Moodle Reports

Access Moodle Reports

Is it okay for you if everybody has access to your Moodle learning analytics and reports? Then your Moodle LMS will be like an open house to the public. Or, you like to assign Moodle reports to the particular stakeholder (s)? If your choice is latter then you have come to the right place, LearnerScript. LearnerScript is an advanced analytics and reporting plugin for Moodle LMS. In this context, the…

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How the Responsive Design of LearnerScript Helps

LearnerScript Responsive Design

Unlike the other Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Moodle is ahead of the crowd in employing the technology to improve the world through education. Despite its Achilles’ heel, poor UI/UX design, Moodle has no turning back. Meanwhile, over the years, the Open Source LMS platform has started addressing that issue. The proof is the new theme introduced in Moodle 3.7 version. The primary goal of a responsive theme is to make…

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13 Helpful Moodle Plugins to Make the Most of Moodle [Infographics]

If you are a Moodle user and want to customize your LMS to leverage to the maximum extent possible, then you have to use helpful Moodle plugins. Plugins that are useful in the Learning and Development (L&D) needs of your organization. Check out them, in this infographic. Some of them may not be as famous as H5P and Big Blue Button BN, but they do an excellent job for you.…

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