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Coming Up: LearnerScript Version 3.0

LearnerScript Version 3.0

We are glad to announce this latest news to you from LearnerScript. We’re going to launch the third version of LearnerScript (aka LearnerScript 3.0) on June 8. This version is long overdue. Yet, the waiting for LearnerScript 3.0 is going to be worthwhile.

The latest version brings out some exciting stuff. More importantly, version 3.0 comes along with its ‘Lite’ version. Let’s drop some hints before you actually take a look at the product on the demo site.

Here we go:

  • Made some changes to the dashboard look and feel
  • Added some new Moodle reports to our existing Canned Reports. These are the default Moodle reports available on LearnerScript. As you know, use them with or without customization.
  • Made this version ‘single database compatible’ (if you are clueless about what it is, no worries! We will explain it in the upcoming blogs.)

And more!

Now walk yourself through the demo sites to find out what we’ve just mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

If you are a new visitor to our site, let’s give a brief intro about LearnerScript. It’s an advanced Moodle reporting tool from eAbyas Info Solutions. And the company is a certified Moodle partner.

For more information about LearnerScript, kindly contact us for a personal demo today.

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