The Advantage of Automatic Configuration on LearnerScript

Configurable Moodle Reports

Typically, when you get a learning analytics tool, this is what you do: You install it and start off configuring the tool to suit your requirements. That’s the case with almost every tool. Because of the plugin’s configuration time, you cannot use the tool right away. It takes some time, for the admins and other users, to put the analytics tool into use due to the front-end work and then…

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How to Permit Your Stakeholders to Access Moodle Reports

Access Moodle Reports

Is it okay for you if everybody has access to your Moodle learning analytics and reports? Then your Moodle LMS will be like an open house to the public. Or, you like to assign Moodle reports to the particular stakeholder (s)? If your choice is latter then you have come to the right place, LearnerScript. LearnerScript is an advanced analytics and reporting plugin for Moodle LMS. In this context, the…

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How the Responsive Design of LearnerScript Helps

LearnerScript Responsive Design

Unlike the other Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Moodle is ahead of the crowd in employing the technology to improve the world through education. Despite its Achilles’ heel, poor UI/UX design, Moodle has no turning back. Meanwhile, over the years, the Open Source LMS platform has started addressing that issue. The proof is the new theme introduced in Moodle 3.7 version. The primary goal of a responsive theme is to make…

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13 Helpful Moodle Plugins to Make the Most of Moodle [Infographics]

If you are a Moodle user and want to customize your LMS to leverage to the maximum extent possible, then you have to use helpful Moodle plugins. Plugins that are useful in the Learning and Development (L&D) needs of your organization. Check out them, in this infographic. Some of them may not be as famous as H5P and Big Blue Button BN, but they do an excellent job for you.…

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LearnerScript is now compatible with IOMAD

LearnerScript IOMAD Compatibility

LearnerScript, the Moodle advanced analytics and reporting plugin, is now compatible with IOMAD, a multi-tenacity solution for Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). With that development, the plugin equips IOMAD with the advanced analytics and reporting solution. This solution as a whole is primarily helpful for across the spectrum of businesses, corporates, and workplaces. IOMAD. What’s in the name? Iomad (pronounced as iməd) is a Gaelic adjective synonymous with the English…

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How to schedule Moodle Reports [Infographic]

How to schedule Moodle reports using LearnerScript

If you want to view your Moodle analytics reports, what will you do usually? Simply you login into the system each time you want to see your LMS reports. Doing the task for one or two times is fine. If the number of times is exceedingly large, then viewing even for that one or two times will be exhausting. What will you do then? Well, we have a solution for…

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When your Moodle report becomes Smart Widget, your engagement on Moodle increases by 3x

With the advancement of technology, much water has flown under the bridge in designing arena for from cities to implements to applications – even software applications. In fact, in these days, we see smart devices, phones, applications, etc. One such application on LearnerScript is creating a Moodle report as a smart widget. Smart Widget – What and Why Before you come to know what a smart widget is, let’s see…

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Scheduling Moodle Reports super easy, with LearnerScript

Hey, how often do you log in to see your LMS reports? You ever got frustrated to login and navigate to check your Moodle report, and thought of a convenient way to see the same? Well, we as LearnerScript – an advanced analytics plugin for Moodle LMS, understand your eLearning and reporting world. In other words, we have come up with a more convenient solution to view your Moodle reports…

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