LearnerScript 2.0 Compatible with IOMAD, Check Demo Now!

IOMAD-LSV2 Compatibility

  A few months back we have announced the compatibility of LearnerScript with Iomad, the enterprise version kind of Moodle platform. Meanwhile, we have come with the second version of LearnerScript to drastically improve the tool’s performance.    And now, we gladly announce that this second version of the Moodle analytics tool is compatible with Iomad.     Additionally, you can take a walkthrough of LearnerScript for Iomad from this Moodle plugin’s website. Earlier, this facility…

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LearnerScript is now compatible with IOMAD

LearnerScript IOMAD Compatibility

LearnerScript, the Moodle advanced analytics and reporting plugin, is now compatible with IOMAD, a multi-tenacity solution for Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). With that development, the plugin equips IOMAD with the advanced analytics and reporting solution. This solution as a whole is primarily helpful for across the spectrum of businesses, corporates, and workplaces. IOMAD. What’s in the name? Iomad (pronounced as iməd) is a Gaelic adjective synonymous with the English…

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