How This Learning Analytics Benefits IOMAD Users

LearnerScript for IOMAD reporting

You know the Moodle platform is the most favorite Learning Management System (LMS) loved and employed across the Higher Edu institutions, corporate organizations, government agencies, or anything in between around the world. One of the main reasons for this is – Moodle platform’s super flexibility to build upon it. That’s how IOMAD, the advanced analytics tools for Moodle and zillion others came into existence to improve the eLearning experience of your…

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LearnerScript 2.0 Compatible with IOMAD, Check Demo Now!

IOMAD-LSV2 Compatibility

  A few months back we have announced the compatibility of LearnerScript with Iomad, the enterprise version kind of Moodle platform. Meanwhile, we have come with the second version of LearnerScript to drastically improve the tool’s performance.    And now, we gladly announce that this second version of the Moodle analytics tool is compatible with Iomad.     Additionally, you can take a walkthrough of LearnerScript for Iomad from this Moodle plugin’s website. Earlier, this facility…

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LearnerScript 2.0 Steps up Performance for Decisive Analytics

LearnerScript 2.0 Performance

  Every once in a while, you see a product in the market either boosting or boasting about its performance improvement. Not only that, you see athletes putting up their best performance in athletic events. So what counts here – whether it’s a product or person – is performance! LearnerScript, the Moodle learning analytics tool, has no exception. And it changed the way performance manifold with its latest version – LearnerScript…

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