LearnerScript Version 2 Out! Here Is What You Can Expect

LearnerScript Version 2

The second version of LearnerScript, the Moodle analytics plugin, is released into the market now. And there is a lot in store for you from version 2. The version 2 from LearnerScript culminated out of the feedbacks from our valuable clients, interactions with Moodle admins and L&D decision-makers, expectations from teachers and managers, bug fixings and the improvements we wanted to include. If you like to learn more about LearnerScript,…

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How the Responsive Design of LearnerScript Helps

LearnerScript Responsive Design

Unlike the other Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Moodle is ahead of the crowd in employing the technology to improve the world through education. Despite its Achilles’ heel, poor UI/UX design, Moodle has no turning back. Meanwhile, over the years, the Open Source LMS platform has started addressing that issue. The proof is the new theme introduced in Moodle 3.7 version. The primary goal of a responsive theme is to make…

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The Launching of LearnerScript’s New Website

LearnerScript new website

In a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania in 1973, Thomas J. Watson Jr., the former IBM boss, coined this remarkable phrase: good design is good business. Your design – it can be of anything in any line of business, proportionally equates to the impact you make in your niche field. We have kept that nugget of wisdom on the mind and done the same thing to change the look…

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12 Reasons for Why You Need This Moodle Analytics Plugin

12 Reasons for why you need this moodle analytics plugin 1

  When you think of  Moodle learning analytics, what problems come to your mind while measuring them? Depending on the context, your answer might change from time to time. What if all such problems you have encountered will be answered in a single Moodle analytics plugin? Yes, LearnerScript is offered as a good analytics and reporting tool to counter all the problems you are facing now. Here in this write-up,…

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LearnerScript now compatible with the world’s favorite databases

LearnerScript Cross Database Compatibility

Beginning from this May, LearnerScript is compatible with the world’s most favorite databases – MSSQL, MariaDB and PL/pgSQL. Since its launch in January this year, the Moodle Learning Analytics & Reporting plugin has only been compatible with MySQL database (DB). Now, LearnerScript seamlessly works with all these popular RDBMSes in the world: MySQL MSSQL MariaDB PL/pgSQL No cross-compatibility of DBs for Moodle Analytics? One Moodle instance will run on any…

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Above all else, your user profile speaks volumes on Moodle eLearning

Nowadays, you come across a good number of social media sites asking you to set up your user profile. But watch this thing: whether it’s a popular social network or just a different site on the internet, setting up a user profile on their site has become a norm. And the activities you repeatedly do on their site, in general on the internet, contributing to their business – either to…

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Counting stars with Moodle course profile

Whether you use just plain or customized Moodle LMS, a Moodle course is indispensable for Learning and Development (L&D) on Moodle LMS. In fact, that’s the arena where users like you and I find Moodle platform giving edge over the plethora of other eLearning software vendors around the world. However, what use is it if you have a Moodle course and map the respective users to it, but leave aside…

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Scheduling Moodle Reports super easy, with LearnerScript

Hey, how often do you log in to see your LMS reports? You ever got frustrated to login and navigate to check your Moodle report, and thought of a convenient way to see the same? Well, we as LearnerScript – an advanced analytics plugin for Moodle LMS, understand your eLearning and reporting world. In other words, we have come up with a more convenient solution to view your Moodle reports…

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How to get started with LearnerScript? Everything you expect from the Demo site

You might know  through social media channels that we launched LearnerScript last week. In this blog, we take you to how to get started with this advanced analytics tool for Moodle platform. Here we go… In order that you take the demo of this Moodle plugin, click on the tab “View demo” on the homepage banner. Have a look at the image below for clarity.   Once you click on the tab and are in the demo page, you get to…

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