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[Part-1] When to Consider Going for LearnerScript the Moodle Reporting?

When to Consider Going for LearnerScript the Moodle Reporting?

Do you know that LearnerScript is a Moodle analytics tool? Designed and developed by a Moodle Partner? But what you have no idea (we guess so, if you’re in this situation!) is when to consider going for LearnerScript for your Moodle reporting needs.

If you have already started such a process of selecting a Moodle analytics plugin, here we make things easy for you. With this blog. So we propose certain points here to help you out when to consider going for LearnerScript.

Well, if you want more solid reasons to have it, visit LearnerScript. Or contact us for a personal demonstration.

As of now, let’s move on with these points to ponder and make LearnerScript your Moodle reporting tool.


#1. When you have no Moodle reporting tool at all!

Yes, go for LearnerScript because the tool is worth its salt. You need not take our words for ‘Yes.’ But check the tool out in every aspect and see whether it suits your organization’s needs.

We believe that a good product of any sort speaks for itself in action, too, apart from what we tell you about it. It has to!

So we simply recommend LearnerScript for your Moodle reporting needs if you don’t have any right now.


#2. When you want to create new Moodle reports

So why do we recommend LearnerScript? Simple. You can create custom Moodle reports (whether you can or you have a technical team to do the job!). How many Moodle reports can you create? There’s no cap on the number. Create as many reports as possible freely.

This is the USP of LearnerScript. Design your reports. At your convenience. In the way you want them to be! What more can be satisfying than this from a Moodle analytics plugin?


#3. When you need to add a new Moodle analytics dashboard

Adding a new Moodle dashboard may be a requirement for you. For a new role or the existing roles, you have, on your Moodle LMS. In that scenario, how will you gonna add a new Moodle dashboard to any role?

Keeping such unexpected needs of Moodle users, LearnerScript brings out to the table a provision to add a new Moodle dashboard. Your Moodle admin can do it. Or anyone who’s in charge of the Moodle administration can add a new dashboard.

As you know, LearnerScript by default provides four dashboards to Moodle admin. One each to the Moodle teacher and the Moodle student.


#4. When you want to visualize your Moodle analytics

Having the Moodle analytics is one thing. And showcasing them visually and beautifully is just another thing. For this purpose, you need various kinds of charts and graphs. If you have a good reporting tool like LearnerScript, then you’ll have these!

LearnerScript has the most useful graphs and charts, apart from tables. They help you to beautifully visualize your Moodle analytics. To know more about these charts and graphs, visit the LearnerScript demo site. And know for yourself!


#5. When you want to have a custom-friendly Moodle reporting tool

Yes, LearnerScript is an out-and-out custom-friendly tool. If customizations to your Moodle reporting tool are a must, then you have to go for LearnerScript. Customize color schemes, icons, reports, tiles, and whatnots!

With LearnerScript, you can customize anything except the source code. Since you get this Moodle plugin along with its source code.

See customization options at the demo site of LearnerScript. Or ask us for a personal demo where you will get to know more about it.

In another blog, i.e. Part 2 of this one, we will explore some more When to consider’ things to go for LearnerScript. Meanwhile, go to the website of LearnerScript. Walk yourself through it and see for yourself whether this Moodle analytics tool is worth its salt.

[To be continued…]

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