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Multi-tenancy Moodle Reporting Tool? Here It Is


Moodle Multi-tenancy Reporting Tool

Do you have a multi-tenancy Moodle platform for your Learning and Development (L&D)? If yes, how about an advanced Moodle reporting tool for your organization? This Moodle learning analytics helps you have insights into the learning experiences of your employees. That’s to steer your organization’s L&D in the desired direction.

LearnerScript, a Customizable & Ready-to-Use Tool

LearnerScript does that job better. The tool’s there to help improve the learning experiences of students, teachers, managers, or any role in between. So much so the organization gets the optimum ROI out of the training of their folks.

By the way, a small note about the tool. When we say ‘LearnerScript is an advanced analytics plugin,’ it doesn’t construe that it is complex to use. No, not at all! This Moodle reporting plugin is a ‘READY to USE TOOL’ with a friendly User Interface.

The tool is advanced in terms of researching, providing, adding, and improving ‘much-needed’ features to Moodle users. For example, ‘custom dashboards or report creation’ is one of such features that make life easier for Moodle admins.

By the way, you have graphs, charts, and tables for reporting. Come and see that stuff for yourself. There are two demo sites on LearnerScript – one for plain Moodle and the other for IOMAD.

Overall, you can make customizations to the tool and have complete control over it.

The Concept of Multi-tenancy in Moodle

Moodle multi-tenancy? Yea, with a bit of customization to the Moodle LMS. You know that the Moodle platform comes as a ‘plain Moodle’ or ‘single-tenant’ (in a layman way so to speak) software. That is, as you know, only one organization can use that LMS for its online learning and training.

Moodle partners such as eAbyas Info Solutions do customize to make your (plain) Moodle a multi-tenant software. Or there is a customized Moodle LMS that supports multi-tenancy, which is called IOMAD. Further, you have all new Workplace from the Moodle HQ itself.

The concept of Moodle multi-tenancy (or, the usage of multi-tenancy) comes in handy when you want to bring multiple organizations/departments together under one umbrella corporation. That’s called, in software parlance, the ‘Organization structure/hierarchy’ in a single instance of Moodle.

Otherwise, having multiple LMS software for each organization of yours break your bank.  That turns out to be a costly affair to train your folks at an individual organization level.

What’s the cost-cutting way to avoid that?

Organizations Hierarchy

Multitenancy aims at the L&D needs of multiple tenants under one instance in which each tenant (domain) can’t cross (= have access) to the other. To elaborate, an umbrella company may have many departments. Hence, each department becomes a tenant.

So in such a case, what about the need for learning analytics? Your multitenancy LMS and the reporting go hand in hand. At least, they have to! For each organization or department, you need learning analytics as well.

In the case of Moodle, the availability of such reporting is limited. Or they just include some basic reporting stuff. However, we bridge the gap here with the advanced analytics tool called LearnerScript, for any multitenancy Moodle LMS/IOMAD.

For understanding how it works, take a look at the IOMAD demo on the LearnerScript website.

Role Management

In multitenancy Moodle/IOMAD, you have to create your roles based on the need of that organization or department. Some of the roles are like Company Manager, Manager of Training, Trainer, Employees, and so on.

The same roles can be mapped to LearnerScript or can be created specifically for analytics and reporting purposes. And you can easily switch between the roles within the tool for analytics.

That way this Moodle plugin offers the easy way out to manage your roles and their respective reporting through a multitenancy structure.

User Management

Multitenancy Moodle means there will be a good number of users for the same role irrespective of their organization or department. With the more number of users come the more number of log data.

How does a reporting tool handle that stuff for a multitenancy Moodle platform?

LearnerScript is capable of handling 1 million records of log data with ease. If the number crosses that point, you can talk to our technical team for a way out.

So what better Moodle reporting tool does that kind of performance?

By the way, if you want to test this Moodle reporting tool, you can by using your ‘staging URL.’ That helps you know first-hand the merits and demerits of this analytics plugin. Why don’t you try it out now?

Therefore, why wait? Check out LearnerScript now. In case you need more information to understand the tool’s capability for Multitenancy Moodle platforms such as IOMAD, Workplace, etc., schedule a personal tool demo with us.

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