11 Simple Hacks to Know for Effective Moodle Analytics
Moodle Learning Management System is a rock star eLearning platform. Guess what? Its 200 plus million users across the world testify to the fact – its popularity.
LearnerScript Compatible with Moodle 3.9 Now
LearnerScript gets compatibility with the Moodle 3.9 version done. In June this year, Moodle HQ released the latest update of Moodle LMS – Moodle 3.9 version.
A BigBlueButton Activity Report for Moodle Educators
BigBlueButton (BBB). Before the pre-Covid-19 crisis, maybe the name sounds out somewhat peculiar and is mostly unheard of.
Competency Report in Moodle from This Analytics Tool
Learning in the Moodle platform is based on competencies. Competencies? Yes. They call the learning as “Competency-based Education (CBE).”
Comprehensive Reports From Multiple Moodle Instance
Case Study: How LearnerScript Filled the Gap in Moodle Analytics for D.Y. Patil University This case study was presented at Moodle Moot India
Covid-19 Support Sale: Get This Moodle Analytics Tool at 10% Less
What you and I are going through now because of Covid-19 is unprecedented. It’s a crisis of a World War in magnitude.
How Things Contributes to Form Simple Moodle Reporting
Did you ever ask what really contributes to the Moodle reporting? That is to ask, what are the basic things that you need to familiarize
How This Learning Analytics Benefits IOMAD Users
You know the Moodle platform is the most favorite Learning Management System (LMS) loved and employed across the Higher Edu institutions
LearnerScript 2.0 Compatible with IOMAD, Check Demo Now!
A few months back we have announced the compatibility of LearnerScript with Iomad, the enterprise version kind of Moodle platform.
Limited Offer: Get $2450 Moodle Analytics Tool for Free
Here is a chance for you to get this Moodle learning analytics tool which costs $2450 for free for a year. No kidding! And guess what?
New Update: RTL Support in LearnerScript
LearnerScript, the Moodle learning analytics and reporting tool, now supports RTL. The acronym stands for Right to Left.
6 Brilliant Ways To Track Learning Data Out of Moodle LMS
So you’ve got a Learning Management System (LMS) for training your folks at the organization to meet the
5 Predominant Report Ideas for Insightful Moodle Analytics
What insights do you want to see when you pull the data from your Moodle system? What learning analytics do you want to draw by visualizing them to make
LearnerScript 2.0 Steps up Performance for Decisive Analytics
Every once in a while, you see a product in the market either boosting or boasting about its performance improvement.
LearnerScript Version 2 Out! Here Is What You Can Expect
The second version of LearnerScript, the Moodle analytics plugin, is released into the market now. And there is a lot in store for you from version 2.
The Advantage of Automatic Configuration on LearnerScript
Typically, when you get a learning analytics tool, this is what you do: You install it and start off configuring the tool to suit your requirements.
Why you need scheduling Moodle report to improve accessibility
At the outset, that’s the question we would like to answer on your behalf. And that’s what you want anyone to let you know, right?
This is the reason why you need LMS report as widget
One of the futuristic features of LearnerScript, the advanced analytics and reporting plugin for Moodle, is its Report-as-a-widget.
How To Get Best Out of These Moodle Modules (From LearnerScript)
Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) comprises several modules. As you already know this fact that the LMS is an Open Source platform.
How to Permit Your Stakeholders to Access Moodle Reports
Is it okay for you if everybody has access to your Moodle learning analytics and reports? Then your Moodle LMS will be like an open house to the public.


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