Comprehensive Reports From Multiple Moodle Instance

Case Study: How LearnerScript Filled the Gap in Moodle Analytics for D.Y. Patil University This case study was presented at Moodle Moot India Online 2020 by Abhishek Kumar, the LMS administrator at DY Patil University, and Naveen Kumar, the Product Manager for LearnerScript. The presentation highlights the comprehensive reporting need from multiple Moodle instances and how LearnerScript filled the gap in getting Moodle analytics for this Higher Education institution from…

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Covid-19 Support Sale: Get This Moodle Analytics Tool at 10% Less

LearnerScript Covid-19 support sale

What you and I are going through now because of Covid-19 is unprecedented. It’s a crisis of a World War in magnitude. All most all countries on either side of the hemispheres of the earth are facing the never-seen-before crisis brought in by this novel Corona virus. The pandemic has been obstructing every kind of activity from industries to educational organizations to nonprofits to corporates to the endless list. But…

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How Things Contributes to Form Simple Moodle Reporting

How things contributes to Moodle reporting

Did you ever ask what really contributes to the Moodle reporting? That is to ask, what are the basic things that you need to familiarize so as to expand your understanding to know that you know about Moodle reporting and dashboards? In this post, we will explain about the basic stuff that holistically contributes to (or helps to have Moodle reports) the Moodle learning analytics individually. #1 Dashboard The dashboard is…

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How This Learning Analytics Benefits IOMAD Users

LearnerScript for IOMAD reporting

You know the Moodle platform is the most favorite Learning Management System (LMS) loved and employed across the Higher Edu institutions, corporate organizations, government agencies, or anything in between around the world. One of the main reasons for this is – Moodle platform’s super flexibility to build upon it. That’s how IOMAD, the advanced analytics tools for Moodle and zillion others came into existence to improve the eLearning experience of your…

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LearnerScript 2.0 Compatible with IOMAD, Check Demo Now!

IOMAD-LSV2 Compatibility

  A few months back we have announced the compatibility of LearnerScript with Iomad, the enterprise version kind of Moodle platform. Meanwhile, we have come with the second version of LearnerScript to drastically improve the tool’s performance.    And now, we gladly announce that this second version of the Moodle analytics tool is compatible with Iomad.     Additionally, you can take a walkthrough of LearnerScript for Iomad from this Moodle plugin’s website. Earlier, this facility…

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Limited Offer: Get $2450 Moodle Analytics Tool for Free

LearnerScript limited Offer

Here is a chance for you to get this Moodle learning analytics tool which costs $2450 for free for a year. No kidding! And guess what? You can be one of those five to whom we would like to giveaway this Moodle plugin, LearnerScript, for a year. You may be wondering thinking why on earth these folks like to give a tool that costs about $2500. Simple. We would like to assess…

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New Update: RTL Support in LearnerScript

LearnerScript RTL language support

LearnerScript, the Moodle learning analytics and reporting tool, now supports RTL. The acronym stands for Right to Left. This new update on our plugin enables the same to be in certain RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. And this step helps us cater to the Moodle analytics needs of Moodle educators in those geographies. Generally, the web applications support LTR (Left to Right) for the English and other such…

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6 Brilliant Ways To Track Learning Data Out of Moodle LMS

Track Learning data out of Moodle LMS

So you’ve got a Learning Management System (LMS) for training your folks at the organization to meet the economic (otherwise non-economic) objectives of your workspace, higher education institution, government agency, or nonprofit? You might ask a Moodle LMS (or simply LMS) expert, “How do I know that my learning strategies are brilliantly translating towards my learning goals?” “You have to track data in your LMS – be it Moodle, BizLMS,…

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5 Predominant Report Ideas for Insightful Moodle Analytics

Report Ideas for Insightful Moodle Analytics

What insights do you want to see when you pull the data from your Moodle system? What learning analytics do you want to draw by visualizing them to make informed decisions about your learners and Learning and Development (L&D) strategies? Consider these five predominant report ideas to figure out what’s going on with learning plans by letting yourself know the insights from the data. #1 Enrollment & Completion Course Rates…

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LearnerScript 2.0 Steps up Performance for Decisive Analytics

LearnerScript 2.0 Performance

  Every once in a while, you see a product in the market either boosting or boasting about its performance improvement. Not only that, you see athletes putting up their best performance in athletic events. So what counts here – whether it’s a product or person – is performance! LearnerScript, the Moodle learning analytics tool, has no exception. And it changed the way performance manifold with its latest version – LearnerScript…

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