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Welcome to the LearnerScript’s partnership, Sofia!

LearnerScript Partners

At the outset, the exclusive partnership for Brazil with Sofia is a milestone for LearnerScript, advanced analytics and reporting tool for Moodle LMS. Because we have barely started six months ago. Nevertheless, LearnerScript team believed in the product’s mettle. That, it will make a world of difference for Moodle learning analytics. In fact, it did right from the start and will continue to do it. Here is the proof for that matter. No sooner had we started promoting this advanced analytics plugin for Moodle than the educators around the world enquired us asking for partnership.

Before everyone else did, Sofia keenly came forward looking for partnership and became our FIRST PARTNER for LearnerScript! At this moment, we specially take time to thank Sofia for trusting in LearnerScript and our care through support.

Sofia is an EduTech company specialized in distance learning, corporate education, and allied technologies. Located in Brasilia, the heart of Brazil, They comprise a tech-savvy people whose passion and profession is education and training. As a result, the Brazilian Edu-tech has been developing educational solutions to government and class organizations for over twenty years.

They believed in the solutions LearnerScript bringing to the table. The solutions such as – no third-party collaboration. That is LearnerScript is the on-premises installable tool for Moodle by a Moodle partner. What more can you expect when your data is as secure as Fort Knox? Right under your very control!

Secondly, the flexibility and advantage the plugin provide with role-wise, multiple Moodle reporting dashboards. We do not know what requirement you have. But you can customize the dashboards or add a new one as and when the need arises.

Thirdly, the ease and speed with which you can design a Moodle custom report, all that in a single page. Let us assure you that it’s not rocket science. No technical stuff involved. Finally, you can make unlimited Moodle reports. No bar on it. Absolutely. If needed, you can jumpstart with Eighty plus, readily available, canned reports right away! We can talk on and on about the advantages the tool offers for Moodle educators.

We look forward to serving Moodle educators and stakeholders in Brazil through our partner, Sofia.

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