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Welcome SmartWay to LearnerScript’s Partnership

LearnerScript partners SmartWay

It’s another delight for LearnerScript to inform you about our latest partner – SmartWay from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Smartway is the Moodle Partner from the Kingdom.

Hearty welcome, SmartWay!

LearnerScript’s dream to bridge the gap in the crucial Moodle analytics segment with an affordable, advanced and helpful tool is getting to true with more and more partnerships.

Moodle users around the world accepting LearnerScript tell you how useful it is in many crucial aspects.


About SmartWay

SmartWay is a Moodle Partner from Saudi Arabia. Established in 2001, the company has excelled its way in developing eLearning tools and solutions for universities, schools, government organizations, and military agencies over these years.

Along with its services in Moodle, BigBlueButton, Mahara, and sundry, SmartWay has its own in-house products. They provide tools and LMSs such as SIS, Najeh [School Management System], Maharat [Talent Management System], and SmartMeeting for managing meetings.

Owing to their outstanding services in the eLearning industry, they are accredited with an ISO 9001. To know more about this LearnerScript’s partner, visit their website and know for yourself their services and products first-hand.

See their eLearning solutions to K12, Universities, and Corporate.


About LearnerScript

LearnerScript is an On-premises installable Moodle plugin for Moodle analytics. This tool is developed by eAbyas Info Solutions for Moodle reporting.

This tool addresses some of the critical issues such as multiple dashboards for multiple roles, reports designing on a single page, tables and graphs, filters, permissions and conditions, and such interesting features.

These features are designed to solve the pertinent issues faced by Moodle educators. That is they come on LearnerScript as a solution to address a specific issue in Moodle analytics arena.

If you want to know more about LearnerScript or want to be a LearnerScript partner like SmartWay, reach us out now.

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