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LearnerScript now compatible with the world’s favorite databases

LearnerScript Cross Database Compatibility

Beginning from this May, LearnerScript is compatible with the world’s most favorite databases – MSSQL, MariaDB and PL/pgSQL. Since its launch in January this year, the Moodle Learning Analytics & Reporting plugin has only been compatible with MySQL database (DB).

Now, LearnerScript seamlessly works with all these popular RDBMSes in the world:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PL/pgSQL

No cross-compatibility of DBs for Moodle Analytics?

One Moodle instance will run on any one database. That is, you cannot use two databases for one Moodle instance. And then your Moodle analytics and reporting tool must be employing the same DB as yours (and vice versa). Or the tool/plugin must be cross-compatible for different RDBMSes. The latter option is more convenient and far-reaching for clients/educators like than the former one.

Because it’s impossible to find a middle ground for two applications running on two different databases.

When a reporting tool isn’t cross-compatible for different databases, you have two options to take: first, switch to a similar database as that of the tool at your own expense. Second, ignore the Moodle learning analytics all together – which may not be a wise thing to do.

Now let’s look at the importance of the cross-compatibility of databases.

Why the cross-compatibility of databases significant?

Yes, it’s important. And there are several good reasons for that:

  • To be a Moodle plugin, any plugin for Moodle LMS must be compatible with at least two databases, as per the Moodle standards. That’s why LearnerScript meets all that criterion (= the add-on is compatible with more than two databases).
  • Not every Moodle educator and corporate L&D may use MSSQL which is a commercially licensed database. However, both MySQL and pgSQL are the world’s most widely used open-source RDBMSes. A part of tens of thousands of Moodle LMS users is currently employing these databases. And you may be one among them!

Thus, it reduces costs/capital you invest on the software significantly.

  • Since LearnerScript is cross-compatible for different databases and a Moodle plugin itself, you need not send your data to anyone/anywhere. If you use pgSQL for Moodle instance, it uses pgSQL for data analysis and reports all your learning insights.

Aren’t these reasons sound interesting to you?

What if you migrate between the databases in the future?

Well, nothing happens. LearnerScript takes care of the change.

In the future, in case your requirement may cause you to migrate to a different RDBMS from what you are currently employing. In such cases, you can erase LearnerScript’s source code from the database you want to migrate from and re-install this Moodle plugin into your latest database.

For doing that you no need to spend even a penny. As this game-changer plugin has already been compatible with that database. Thus, you save yourself from shelling out unnecessary expenses.

Thus, LearnerScript is cross-compatible among the popular RDBMSes and seamlessly works with any database without any technical glitch.



[Editors Note: This post was originally published on April 5th and has been updated]

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