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LearnerScript now Certified Integration Partner of Moodle

LearnerScript Moodle Certified Integration

Of late, LearnerScript has become one of the Certified Integration Partners of Moodle. And this news makes us delighted as we share it with you. You might be wondering what the Certified Integration means. How is this Certified Integration Partner going to help meet your real-world needs for Moodle reporting? We’ll explain all that to you in the following paragraphs.

So, what’s a Moodle Certified Integration?

A Certified Integration Partner is a self-explanatory term, meaning an integration that is certified by Moodle itself. During the scrutiny of a plugin or product, Moodle thoroughly examines  the following areas listed below:

  • Does the integration meet the exacting technical standards?
  • Does the integration fulfill the security requirements?
  • Does the integration meet the real-world needs of users? 

If an integration meets all the points mentioned above, then it will be a ‘Certified Integration Partner.’ Otherwise, it is not. That simple! Fortunately, LearnerScript met all those requirements. 

So that’s what we mean when we say that LearnerScript is now a Certified Integration Partner of Moodle. This feat is nothing less than a milestone in the product journey of LearnerScript. Check out  Moodle’s page here about the Certified Integration Partners

LearnerScript for Moodle reporting

LearnerScript is an enhanced reporting for Moodle LMS, which has been introduced way back in 2019. The one reason for the existence of LearnerScript is to bridge the gap between learning on Moodle and the requirement for Moodle reporting.

This tool comes with all the requirements you may have like:

  • Multiple role-wise dashboards
  • Custom-friendly tool to accommodate your requirements
  • Automating the scheduling of your Moodle reports
  • Designing a custom Moodle report with or without SQL
  • A set of default reports available to readily start using the tool

If you are interested in integrating LearnerScript into your Moodle, then visit the demo websites of LearnerScript and see for yourself and figure out how it will meet your needs of Moodle reporting. Also, contact us for more information and a demo.



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