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How to schedule Moodle Reports [Infographic]

If you want to view your Moodle analytics reports, what will you do usually? Simply you login into the system each time you want to see your LMS reports. Doing the task for one or two times is fine. If the number of times is exceedingly large, then viewing even for that one or two times will be exhausting.

What will you do then? Well, we have a solution for you on LearnerScript. It makes your job super easy with, ‘scheduling Moodle report.’

Earlier we have written a full-fledged blog on, ‘Scheduling Moodle reports.’ The same topic is explained in a nutshell here for skimmers. Notice that you can schedule Moodle reports at once you design them for any number of learners, teachers and so on. Hence you no need to login to the system for viewing the same each time, but that report will be saved in your system and as well as sent to your inbox. It’s that cool!

Now you can have a quick look at this infographic.


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