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How To Get Best Out of These Moodle Modules (From LearnerScript)

Moodle Modules-LearnerScript

Moodle Learning Management System (Moodle LMS) comprises several modules. As you already know this fact that the LMS is an Open Source platform. In some areas, the LMS is exceptionally good. Whereas, in some other, it’s not.

Since its plug-in and plugin-out nature, Moodle allows you to improve its capability features through the add-ons to bring off the best out of the Moodle. (These improvements are other than what Moodle HQ regularly does to enhance the Open Source by releasing Moodle versions.)

One such plugin is LearnerScript, an advanced analytics and reporting tool for Moodle LMS.

In this write-up, we will explore how you can leverage this tool to get the best out of the following modules of the Moodle platform.

#1 Quizzes

Experts term ‘Quizzes’ as the heart of Moodle LMS. You can test your learners’ eLearning experience in how many ways you want to. However, you will be able to get only the quiz attempts, review answers and grades. Not more than that, in general. When you invest in your employees, I guess you would expect optimum learning outcomes, engagement metrics, and the ROI, proportionate to your spending, from them.

How would that be possible? With better analysis. The default quiz reports do not help you analyze deep into your data for actionable insights, but LearnerScript does. All that on a page, you will be able to see the number of attempts you have taken and how your performance is varying within the timeframe.

#2 Courses

Unlike the other LMSs in the market, courses form the basis of Moodle. The logs data from your LMS is utilized to analyze the same. Using LearnerScript, make a comparative analysis of multiple courses at a time. Plus, from Course Profile, get all the course-related information – enrollments, progress, completions, total activities, highest and lowest grades, status, the list goes on and on.

You will find a drill-down component wherever there is necessary, for getting further insights.

#3 Assignments

Assignments are a kind of Moodle activities just like quizzes for assessment of your learners’ learning experience. With the help of the tool, you can analyze the data for evaluation of students, employees and teachers/trainers; how many students are submitting assignments regularly? How are the teachers grading the same and within what time?

Such analysis evaluates both teachers and students. That’s what LearnerScript does to help you figure out what’s working and what’s not.

#4 Grades & Badges

The grades here mean the grades considered overall course (s) and final grade awarded and subsequent badges earned. The badges are given at a course level and the site level (i.e., the same as grade evaluation).

On one page, you will see all the graded activity information of courses with highest grades, lowest grades score, the number of attempts, time spent and as such.

If needed further clarity on how best you make out of this Moodle modules, visit or view demo site of LearnerScript.

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