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How This Learning Analytics Benefits IOMAD Users

LearnerScript for IOMAD reporting

You know the Moodle platform is the most favorite Learning Management System (LMS) loved and employed across the Higher Edu institutions, corporate organizations, government agencies, or anything in between around the world.

One of the main reasons for this is – Moodle platform’s super flexibility to build upon it. That’s how IOMAD, the advanced analytics tools for Moodle and zillion others came into existence to improve the eLearning experience of your learners.

The Name, IOMAD

Before going to know the advantages of learning analytics for IOMAD users, let’s understand the name and the availability of learning analytics tool (s) for the same.

The name IOMAD isn’t the acronym for any long-phrase. It’s a Gaelic word for many, multiple, etc., and is pronounced as EE – MAW. So, what’s the need for IOMAD software?

By default, the Moodle platform doesn’t come with multitenancy. You have to develop on it. Multitenancy in Moodle addresses corporate organization’s need for “One LMS, Multiple Business Units.”

Thus, we have IOMAD as one of the corporate solutions for eLearning and online training. And they call it “Moodle-under-hood” since this employee learning software carries the essence of Moodle.

But, what about IOMAD analytics?

The Learning Analytics

Having an LMS without the learning analytics tool will turn out your IOMAD to be a white elephant. You need the reporting and dashboards in order to make decisive business decisions.

In this section, let’s look at the aspects that make you and your IOMAD users benefit from having advanced analytics tools such as LearnerScript.

  • Bespoke analytics for IOMAD. This corporate solution has been developed on the top of the Moodle platform by the Scottish Moodle Partner, E-Learn Design. Hence, it requires a specially developed analytics tool like LearnerScript for advanced analytics from the IOMAD.
  • Company-wise, role-wise reporting & dashboards. Under multitenancy architecture, multiple business units operate from the same single instance. The roles from one business unit to another may change. Based on that organizational hierarchy, you get the role-wise multiple dashboards and reporting.
  • Bespoke reports and dashboards. The learning analytics helps you create customized reports and dashboards as and when required for better and faster assessment of your employee training. You can avail of this kind of flexibility to create new things on LearnerScript.
  • Save time and effort with ‘Scheduling’ reports. The Scheduling option with this learning analytics tool helps save your time and effort. You can automate the reports to a slated time either to the user’s inbox or to the system.
  • Get multiple download formats. Depending on the need, you can have the learning analytics in different formats – CSV, XLS, PDF and ODS.
  • Combination graphs and tables. The learning analytics here uses combination graphs and charts, which help you have accurate visualization of your IOMAD data.
  • No annual subscriptions, but One Time Purchase. This tool for IOMAD analytics comes at One Time Price (OTP). There are no subscriptions, and in fact, you own the source code.
  • Cross DB compatible. Whatever database you use to access the IOMAD platform, this analytics tool supports that DB seamlessly. Hence, there is no way of getting into the complexity of technical stuff to smooth access to the analytics from your IOMAD platform.

Thus, the list of benefits of having this learning analytics goes on. If you like to witness that, just contact us for a live demonstration or check it for yourself at this demo site.

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