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Comprehensive Reports From Multiple Moodle Instance

Comprehensive Reports From Multiple Moodle Instance

Case Study: How LearnerScript Filled the Gap in Moodle Analytics for D.Y. Patil University
This case study was presented at Moodle Moot India Online 2020 by Abhishek Kumar, the LMS administrator at DY Patil University, and Naveen Kumar, the Product Manager for LearnerScript.

The presentation highlights the comprehensive reporting need from multiple Moodle instances and how LearnerScript filled the gap in getting Moodle analytics for this Higher Education institution from Mumbai, India.

Introduction – The DY Patil University

DY Patil University runs thirteen different schools under its umbrella, with each school/college having their own Moodle instances for learning and development (L&D) needs. And the DY Patil is one of the largest universities from Maharashtra, with nearly 10, 000 student strength.

With that high number of students and faculty, you can imagine the great need for a comprehensive reporting tool for the management for fast and accurate decision making.

Into the Details – The Reporting Issues at this Higher Edu Institution

Now, let’s see what the issues they used to face before they employed LearnerScript, a Moodle analytics tool from eAbyas Info Solutions.

Here we go.

• Single dashboard requirement
• Timely reports for informed decision making
• Daily summary report
• Student usage improvement
• Faculty involvement and tracking
• Huge data log from 13 Moodle instances
• Dynamic content needs

With that huge need for a comprehensive reporting need for their Moodle platform, there wasn’t an apt tool to meet their Moodle analytics needs. But thanks to LearnerScript, the tool that wants to improve the world of educators through learning analytics and the apt decision making that comes from these analytics.

In Search of the Solution, LearnerScript

Obviously, there is a solution to every problem we face. And what this Higher Edu institution faced is no different. They found a solution through LearnerScript, an advanced (and custom) Moodle reports tool, released into the market in January 2019.

• They need a comprehensive reporting dashboard; LearnerScript made it possible for the admin to create and customize dashboards, even for various roles.
• They need daily summary report and timely reports as well; LearnerScript provided ‘Scheduling feature’ for so that they schedule the reports as and when required. And they can view the reports without logging into the system.
• They have about 10,000 users; LearnerScript handles that load with ease. They have multiple Moodle instances with huge data log; No issues. This Moodle tool takes away the load on the instances and gets the data into one, separate instance.
• They want the students to use the LMS; the tool helps to track which content (PDF, Video, Audio, and others) is popular and why, with the involvement of faculty and how they are performing from all the colleges.
• They need school-wise student log report; LearnerScript provides school-wise student log-in details and so on.

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And there are more. You can contact us if you want to witness this kind of paradigm shift in Moodle analytics and decision making for your Higher Edu institution, corporate organization, government agency or non-profit. Drop a mail to us today! We’ll catch you up as soon as possible and see what we can do together.

Involvement and Engagement of Students – the Result

So what’s the take away here at the end? The involvement of students increased from 30% without LearnerScript to 80% with LearnerScript. They see this drastic change in the students’ use of their Moodle LMS. That’s the result the DY Patil University has achieved. And they are happy folks now, with their students and faculty involvement.

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