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Competency Report in Moodle from This Analytics Tool

Competency report in moodle

Learning in the Moodle platform is based on competencies. Competencies? Yes. They call the learning as “Competency-based Education (CBE).” If you are new to Moodle or migrating to Moodle from the other Learning Management System (LMS), you might want to know what this competency exactly means and how it’s going to help your learners and your organization as a whole.

Competency, in layman words, is skill-based learning, in which a teacher can rate that skill upon the evidence of learning provided by individual learners. Teachers can rate students as highly competent, competent, satisfactory, and not competent.

Competencies can be attached to:
• Course
• Activity

No strings attached when it comes to the number of competencies to a course or an activity. A teacher can attach as many competencies as required to their course or activity. And they can grade by rating the students’ work.

A Moodle admin can create learning plans with a set of courses, and the corresponding tutor/teacher can add competencies to corresponding courses for the students to learn and become proficient in a skill.

So all this can be put up in a visual presentation (graph or report format), which the teachers have access to.

LearnerScript, the Moodle analytics tool, provides such a wonderful competency report in the Moodle platform. The Moodle admin or teacher can see a competency report for an individual course-wise. And also the student can access and see their report on their respective dashboard.

Thus you can have a competency report in Moodle for a better understanding of students’ progress and their skill proficiency.

If you need any such reports or the Moodle analytics tool itself, simply drop a text. And meanwhile, you can visit our LearnerScript and drive through the demo site for a better understanding of the tool.

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